Student Google Transition Q and A

Gmail-teaserBelow are a series of Q and As regarding student account transition to our new Google domain.  I will be posting the staff Q and A early next week.  Please don’t hesitate to post a comment here or email me directly with any questions you may have.


Q: What is the new Prairie Google domain?

A: We have selected as our new domain name.  While students as staff will share accounts on this new domain, staff will still be able to be reached at their current address (much more detail on the staff transition will be covered in the staff email Q and A post).

Q: When will we be making the transition to the new domain ( for students email and Google Drive?

A: The first day of school, 8/24/15 will be the date when we expect all students to be using their new Google account.  So, students will need to login to Google with after this date.

Q:  If I email a student or share a document/site with a student at after 8/24/15, will it reach them?

A: We strongly encourage you to use only the new addresses when emailing and sharing contents with students after 8/24/2015.  All new students to the district after June 2015 will not have a account.  So, for these students, emailing or sharing to this address will not work.  However, for all students with a account, email and sharing will continue to work.  These accounts can be checked for email and Docs at anytime. However, again, please do not send new content (email or Docs) to these old ( accounts after the first day of school, 8/24/2015.  This fall we will be sending out instructions to all students on how to setup email forwarding from to accounts.  This process will need to be done individually and manually by each student.  We have checked with Google and email forwarding cannot be setup automatically at the system level.

Q: When will Campus Messenger be updated with new student emails?

A: On August 24th.  This means that after this date, all Messenger emails to students will go to their new accounts only.

Q: How will students find out their new email address and password?

A: Student usernames will remain the same only the stuff after the “@” will change.  So, for example, if my email address was it will now be  Passwords will match what we have documented for students in Campus.  The technology office will provide a list of usernames and passwords to all teacher librarians.  If a student’s password for their account does not match what we have in Campus, the password will need to be reset.  This can be done by personnel in each building’s library or by contacting the district technology office.

Q:  How will students access their email, sites, and Drive content that is within the domain once this change is made?

A:  Returning students will continue to have access accounts indefinitely.  Students with accounts will be responsible for manually forwarding, sharing, or copying any content they need to their new account.  Again, all new Google content (email and Docs) should only be sent or shared with the account after 8/24/15.  Any students new to the district after June 5th, 2015 will not have a account.

Q: Will students new to the district in the 2015-16 school year get accounts?

A: No.  Any new student arriving after the last day of school for the 2014-15 school year, 6/5/15, will not get a account.

Q: Will the domain ever be deactivated or made unavailable?

A: No.  We intend to keep this domain active for the foreseeable future.

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