Staff Google Apps Transition Q and A

Google-Apps-for-Education-Drive-Slides-Apps-Search-ChromeHere are the main questions and answers for the staff Google Apps transition.  Remember, this transition will make it a lot easier to share and organize Google content with students.

TIP: You may wish to use two different web browsers to help you with the transition of content from one Google account to the other. For example, you could keep Safari logged in to your old Google Account and keep Chrome logged into your new ( account. Doing this will minimize time spent logging into and out of accounts to find documents.

Q: When will my new account be ready?

A: New accounts will be ready on 8/3/2015.  I will communicate if they are ready earlier than this date.

Q: What will my login/credentials be for this new account?

A:  The username will be the same as your current email username (all the stuff before the @ symbol).  The new domain is identical to the students,  So, in my case, my old Google account was associated with this address:  My new account will be  Your password will match what we have for your current email password.  Contact your building’s technology first responders or the district technology office if you cannot login.

Q: The new Google account looks like an email address.  Should I use it?

A: The timing on this is up to you. After 8/3/15, all email sent to addresses will also be sent to the new account (  So, as soon as you have all of your old email moved from your old account to your new one, you can start using this as your main email.  See the email Q&A for more information.

Q: Will I lose access to all the stuff I made on my old Google account?

A: No.  All of the content of Drive and Sites (as well as other apps associated with your account) will still be there.

Q: How will all the stuff I made on my old Google account get to my new one (

A: Just like the students, you will need to manually share or copy frequently used or important content (Docs and Sites) to your new account.  Because your old account is not going anywhere, you can do this at your own pace.  However, in order to reap the benefits of being on the same domain as the students, you will need to use your account as your primary Google account after 8/3/15.

Q: When should I start using my new Google Account?

A: You can start using it as soon as it’s available, but we need everyone to use it as their primary Google account after 8/3/15.  While it is ok to check your old account to get previously created material, all new Google content should be created on your account after the first week of August 2015.

Q: Will I need to do anything different when sharing new content created on the domain?

A: Until we get the email transition completed, yes.  Once we finish the staff email transition, everything will work as it did previously.  When you share content with Google Docs, you can automatically send an email to the person you are sharing the content with — this is true for both Drive content and Sites.  If you create new content with your new Google account ( and share it with another staff member at their account (this is exactly what we’d like to see happen after 8/3/15), the person you shared the content with may not see the automatic email for because it will only be sent to their email account.  If they have not transitioned fully to the new email system, they may miss this email message as it will only go to their mailbox.  There are a couple of ways to manage this problem.  If the person is expecting the document, they can just login to their account, and the newly shared content will be there.  The other option is to copy the link/URL for the content that you’ve shared and manually send it to the person’s email.  While it would be possible to share new content with both and old Google accounts, we don’t recommend doing that.  The reason why is this process would encourage the use of the old accounts, and we need to move away from these as quickly as possible.  Again, this will only be an issue until the staff email is migrated.  Once we are all using Google email, share notifications will work as expected.  We plan to have the email conversion done by the end of October 2015.

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