Preview: Gmail Transition Screencasts

Gmail_logoWe have completed a couple of brief screencasts that show the account setup and transfer of email process for the Gmail transition.  These are for preview purposes only.   Here are a couple important points:

1.     The staff Google accounts are not ready yet.  So, please do not attempt to setup your account until you get word from me that it is ready to go. The instructions won’t work until this happens.  However, since the process is relatively simple, previewing it seems like a good idea.  It looks like the accounts will be available in late June at this time.  Again, I will send out word in multiple channels when they are in place.

2.     These instructions are only for staff that have access to the Mac/Apple version of Outlook.  The technology staff will be setting up individual meetings this summer for staff using the Windows version of Outlook to assist with the transition.  As mentioned in the earlier Q and A post, staff that that don’t use either the Windows or Mac version of Outlook and use webmail will need to manually forward any email messages one at time that they wish to have in their new account.

Here are the two screencasts:

There is one additional step needed to complete account setup not covered in these screen casts.  In order for Outlook to send email from Gmail, everyone needs to do this one additional step in Outlook:

  1. Tool Menu–>Accounts
  2. Click on your Gmail account
  3. Right below the Outgoing Server info is a button called, “More Options” Click it
  4. From the Authentication pulldown, select the first time, “Use incoming server info”
  5. Click “Ok” and close the Accounts window

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.11.39 PM

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