Digital Literacy Trainers for 2015-16

A complex issue.With all of the new devices that will be coming into the district next fall, there are some changes that will be happening to our digital literacy trainer’s team.  I posted about the specifics of roles of the team earlier this spring.  Over the past three years this team has planned and taught building-based and whole district professional learning on all things digital.  Here are members of next year’s team:


  • Becky Kunde
  • Courtney Coughlin


  • Kelly Rudd
  • Courtney Templeton


  • Tricia Ward
  • Brad Koch


  • Linda Leggat
  • Tara Tolly


  • Mark Ganzeveld
  • Shalyn Huerter


  • Marija Musselman
  • Ernie Cox
  • Patrice Becicka


  • Martha Wilding
  • Megan Hanson
  • Arik Folden
  • Kelsey Steffen


  • Amy Jabens
  • Anna Matheny
  • Kim Hynek
  • Sarah Oldenkamp

This team will get some in-depth learning of their own from Kevin Brookhouser on the afternoon of August 4th.  We will also be learning from the digital literacy coaches and experts provided by Tierney Brothers, the vendor we purchased our Chromebooks from, on August 5th.

I am extremely excited about our digital literacy professional learning for next year.  I would strongly encourage all staff to attend the Kevin Brookhouser’s session on the morning of August 4th in the concert hall.  I’m also optimistic that our DLT lab classrooms will be a very be very valuable and productive.  As always, don’t hesitate to post a comment here or drop me a note directly with any questions you may have.

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