Staff Google Apps Accounts Ready to Go!

Google-Apps-for-Education-Drive-Slides-Apps-Search-ChromeThe Google Apps (Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Sheets) portion of our transition is ready to go! We are little ahead of the timeline we set out in the spring. We are still working on getting email forwarding setup. So, while your new Gmail account is there, it will not yet get forwarded information from your account. We hope to have this done in the next 10 working days. Please do not use your new Gmail account to send email until this is done. In the meantime, however, you may begin the process of transferring content from your old Google Apps account to this new one. I would encourage everyone to begin this process sooner rather than later.

All new Google Docs, Sites, and Sheets should be created using the accounts from this point going forward. So, if you are working with Google Apps, please use your new account.

Here’s what I recommend you do to get started with your new account:

Login to your new account.

  • Go to
  • User: (the username is what ever your current username is for email or for Campus — mine is “cbarnum”)
  • Password: this should be your current (old) email password. If it is not working for some reason — call or email Angela Sleeper or anyone in the tech department (including me).

I recommend that you use two browsers — keep on logged into your old Google account and use the other for your account. This will keep you setup so you don’t have to login/out when you want to check on something in both accounts. I use Safari for my old account and Chrome for my new account. You can use whatever combination you wish between Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. To transfer content, use the browser logged into your old account, group the Docs, Sheets, and Presentations into a folder and share the folder with your account. You may also wish duplicate and change ownership (to the account) on certain key Google content that has been shared with your old Google account (items in the “Shared with Me” folder in Drive).

You can change the ownership of some of your key Google Sites to your account.

You may begin using the Google Calendar with your account now. However, remember that calendar invitations will not automatically be forwarded to other user’s email yet.

You can also begin the process to move any saved email from your account to the new Gmail account. Again, email forwarding is not yet working, so please do not use your account to send any email. Here’s the link to the screen cast on how to setup Outlook to do the transfer. You can also manually forward messages one at a time, too.

Once we get forwarding completely setup, we will give further instructions on how to access email groups, export and import contacts, and how to setup the address book.

Again, I will put out word when the email portion of this project is completed. So, once again, while it is ok to setup your email in Outlook and it’s fine to start transferring messages between the two accounts, please DO NOT SEND EMAIL FROM YOUR NEW CRPRAIRIE.ORG ACCOUNT YET.

I will be meeting with the technology first responders on August 7th to brief them on the these changes. After that meeting, they will be excellent resources to get assistance. Once the email forwarding is done, my team will begin to schedule appointments with building office personnel and administrators to assist with the conversion. Don’t’ hesitate to let me know what questions you have and what the technology team and I can do to help.

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