Why Can’t I See My Old Google Sites?

Google-Apps-for-Education-Drive-Slides-Apps-Search-ChromeOne of the most frequent questions during our Google transition has been about the lack of visibility of Google Sites in the new CRPraire.org browse Sites list.  Here’s the deal…

Google will only show Sites in the browse list of Sites that were created within the same managed domain. This means that if the Site was not started/created by a CRPrairie.org account, it won’t so up there — even if you share it or change the ownership to a CRPrairie.org account.

I know this sounds like a really bad thing.  While it is somewhat inconvenient, it does not mean that you cannot continue to use these older Sites.  Here are some options.

  • Even though, the site will not show up in your browse Site list, I would still strongly recommend sharing frequently used Sites with your CRPrairie.org account.  You can then bookmark these sites and use them as normal.
  • It’s important to remember that your old Google account is not going anywhere.  So, the Sites created there will always be there.  I would recommend keeping a browser logged into your old account to access content like this as needed.  I would also strongly encourage you to create all new Sites using your CRPrairie.org account so you can slowly move away from using two accounts.
  • You could also create a copy of the new site.  If you copy a Site from the old account to your CRPrairie.org account, that will get it to show up in your browse Sites list.  However, I don’t recommend doing this in most cases.  While the new copy of the Site will show in your list, it will not have any of the shares associated with it (you will need to add in all the people who can see it and edit it) and you’ll need to somehow ensure that anyone else using the Site uses the new copy rather than the old one.  If you have a lot of people shared or collaborating on the site, I’m guessing this would cause a great deal of confusion.  About the only time I can think of that making a copy really makes sense are in cases where there are very few or no collaborators on the Site — things like portfolios.

Again, I know this is at best an inconvenience, but this should be relatively short-term pain.  As we create new content on the CRPrairie.org domain, this problem will diminish.

One significant benefit of this new setup is that student created Sites will now show in the Sites browse list.  Those of you at the High School will remember needing to get CCSDStudent.org accounts to see student portfolios.  That’s no longer necessary.    Of course, let me know if you have further questions.


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