Email Groups — What You Need to Know While We Transition

google-groupsHere’s some additional information about email groups that everyone needs to know.

Q:  Which groups should I use (new– or old–

A:  While we are in transition, running both systems, please use the “old” email groups.  The reason for this is that the new groups will only deliver messages to accounts.  They will not send a copy to accounts.  So, if you send to a group anyone who has not made the transition to and is only checking their account will not see the message (until they start using their account).

Q: I’m using Gmail and not Outlook, how do I find or use the “old” groups?

A: The email groups are just email addresses.  However, they will not pop up automatically in the Gmail directory unless you have sent a message to them once before.  Here is a list of some of the most commonly used ones:

  • (all high school staff)
  • (all Point staff)
  • (all Creek staff)
  • (all Crest staff)
  • (all Heights staff)
  • (all Hill staff)
  • (all Ridge staff)
  • (all View staff)
  • (all Edge staff)
  • (all ECC staff)
  • (all ESC staff)

Add a “cert” to the front of each of these will get you just certified staff for each group — ie… or

Again, once you type in one of these groups, Gmail will remember and give you an auto-fill choice for it.

Q: What are the new group names?

A:  If you are using Gmail, these group names will auto-flll/suggest as you type them.  The group names are very similar to the naming system.  In fact, it’s identical except that we’ve removed the “-dl” from all of them.  So, the high school all staff group is “” and the certified staff list for Heights is “”

Q: There are a lot of new groups.  What are all section/class groups for?

A:  We are using new software to automatically create and manage our Google accounts for both students and staff.  This allowed us to do some new and interesting things.  Once of the ideas we are trying is to have this software create and update (nightly) a group for each class section in Campus.  I hope this is will be useful when it comes time to share Docs, Sheets, Sites, Forms or other Classroom stuff with your students.  You should be able to share just to this group.  You can also use these groups in lieu of Campus Messenger, too, to send email directly to students. You can also share and communicate with other sections as well, not just your own, since these are groups that can be used by anyone (including students) within our domain.

The section group names will be very close to the name of the section name that is displayed in Campus(selected from a pull down menu to view rosters, do attendance, select a grade book, etc…).  There are some differences, however.  Just like our other groups, these are email addresses.  Some of our section names have characters that are not allowed in email addresses (things like slashes and ampersands,&, etc…).  We’ve replaced these with dashes or underscores.  But, because they are in the system address book just type in part of the section name. Google will suggest/auto-fill.

Q: Can I “expand” a group to see all the members (to possibly remove one person)?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  The new groups are just email addresses.  They cannot be “opened” to show all of the members.

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