More Google Transition Dates

Google-Apps-for-Education-Drive-Slides-Apps-Search-ChromeWe are well along the way on our Google transition journey.  As I have shared in some previous posts, we needed to get into the process a bit before we could put some more concrete timelines on some of the process.  I think we are far enough along now that we can do that.  Below are some dates that you will want to know.

8/24/15 – Student accounts are updated in Infinite Campus.  This is an important date because once this update is made in Campus, all messages that go to students via Campus Messenger will no longer go to accounts.  There is no way for us, at the system level, to setup automatic forwarding of messages between the two accounts – i.e. messages sent to accounts will not automatically to accounts.  Students will need to setup forwarding on their own if they wish.  We will be providing screencasts of this procedure in a few days.  After the first day of school, students should be checking/using their accounts.

9/11/15 – email severs will be taken offline at the end of this day.  This means that everyone will need to be fully converted/transferred to accounts before this date.  Again, to be clear, even after we turn off the servers, people will still be able to reach you at your address.  We will continue to publish addresses on our website.

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