Google Transition Nuts, Bolts and Reminders

Gmail-teaserNow that we are a few weeks into our transition to our new Google accounts, here a few things we’ve run across that everyone should know.

“System” Google Groups and Google Classroom

We’ve discovered that in our current setup, Google Groups that are created and managed by the system won’t work to invite students into Classroom.  We are working with our vendors to address this issue in the future, but it may be sometime (weeks) before we get this addressed.  However, it’s not a deal-breaker for using Classroom.  Students can be searched up in the directory and manually invited to a Classroom.  Teachers can also generate an access code and give this to students.  So, there are a couple of ways to get a Classroom rolling without using one of the pre-made Groups.  The system Groups do work really well for sharing Docs, Sites, and email.


Internet filtering and Gmail

We are still working are way through several issues related to this topic.  I’ll provide more information when we have a complete solution.  The main thing we are hearing from staff now, however, is that sites that are not typically blocked for teachers are now being blocked.  The reason for this is that staff computers were logged into our content filter (iBoss) automatically when Outlook was running.  Those of you who have stopped using Outlook (still a great idea by the way), are not getting automatically logged in to iBoss.  They are getting the student default filtering policy.  We have a couple of ideas we are working on to address this particular problem long term, but they are not ready to yet.  So, the work-around fix is to open Outlook once a day.  Keep it open just long enough to accept the certificate prompt – click “continue”.  Then close Outlook.  That will do the trick.


Gmail Reminders

Remember to check your Spam folder.  Gmail is much more active in how it filters email.  If you believe you are missing a message, check there.  Please also remember that contents only stay in that folder for 30 days.  So, if it’s important, the message needs to be moved from that folder in order to avoid this automatic deletion.

Until we turn off the servers, after 9/11/15, please use the email groups.  This is the only way to be sure that all recipients have received the message.  If you are not completely sure that a person has converted to, please send to their address until you are sure.  Remember, forwarding only works from to  Messages sent directly to accounts are not forwarded to accounts.


Google Drive/Docs Reminders

Your Google Doc/Drive account that was tied to your email account is not going anywhere.  That account is yours.  It will not be “shut-off” or ever go away.  So, with that in mind, I would strongly recommend only sharing/moving documents that your absolutely certain you will need in your account.  You can always go back and get items later at anytime you wish.  This is the method I’m using personally.  It allows me to get a fresh start in my new account.  It will also, hopefully, make it possible for me to keep Drive better organized.  Please also remember that all new Docs and Drive content should only be created using your account.

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