Student Google Transition Screencasts

Google-Apps-for-Education-Drive-Slides-Apps-Search-ChromeHere are two Google transition screencasts for students.

Here are the instructions for setting up email forwarding from accounts to accounts. We cannot automate this process for students, so this will need to be done individually by interested students.

Here are the instructions for transferring/copying Google Sites (Portfolios) from accounts to CRPrairie.or accounts. This process is necessary for the Sites to show up in the list of owned Sites.  While this screencast is targeting high school students’ portfolios, the process will work for any Site and could be used by both students and staff.

Please remember that all student emails will be updated to addresses in Infinite Campus on the evening of 8/23.  So, any Messenger emails sent out after this is done will only go to addresses.

Finally, please also remember that accounts will not be disabled or suspended for active students.  So, the content in these accounts  for both Docs and Gmail will be available to students indefinitely.  However, all new Google content needs to be created using accounts.


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