Google Classroom Updates

Here are a few new features that have been added to Classroom recently.

Grading enhancements

EdPuzzle integration


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3 Responses to Google Classroom Updates

  1. bfeight says:

    Do you know if Google Classroom is looking at including “Standards-Based Grading” scales anytime soon? Our district uses a scale of “HP-Highly Proficient, P-Proficient, NP-Nearly Proficient, and E-Emerging”. That’s one issue I’ve had with collecting grades on Google Classroom as I have to ultimately convert them over to those letter grades anyways. Thanks!

    • Craig says:

      Hey Ben!

      I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen anything on this front. As you know we are moving towards standards-based learning designs as well. The majority of our efforts have been invested in our student information system, Infinite Campus.

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