2016-2017 Staff Computer Upgrade Schedule


While summer still feels like a long ways off, the technology staff is beginning to prepare for it.  Last year, we implemented a new system for staff computer upgrades.  As part of our overall device rollout plan, we are no longer updating all staff computers at the same time once every four years.  We are now committed to updating 25% of the staff fleet each year.  This way everyone will be getting a new computer once every four years.  The most equitable way we could devise to do this was to line this up with staff seniority. Last year we gave out our first wave of updates.  Below is the updated refresh list.  You can scan for your name to see when you are scheduled for your next update.

Staff Computer Update Schedule

We are planning to follow the same procedure we used last summer for taking in old computers and releasing the new computers.  This method was well received by staff.  We will set up individual appointments over the summer to assist with the transition of data between the old and the new computer.  Later this spring, Angela Sleeper will contact each person who is getting an update to set up a time manage the transition.
As always, don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you have questions.

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