2015-16 Technology Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed this year’s survey.  We take this feedback very seriously, making changes and adjustments based upon it.  While we are still digesting the specifics, it’s important to share the overall trend data with everyone in a timely manner.

Technology Survey Results

The rating for most of our Likert scale questions trended up or remained the same: three increasing, two remaining the same, and two decreasing.  I suspect that the drop in rating for “communication” and seeing “the big picture” are related.  I’ll be sharing some big picture updates a little later this week.  I’m very please to see that our perceived response time and communication follow up ratings have improved again this year.  These are typically difficult areas for any support/response service team.  

"What we are doing well" comments.

“What we are doing well” comments.

"Improvement" Comments

“Improvement” Comments

This year we put all of the comments into Wordles as a way to visually represent and analyze the data.  Just in case you are not familiar with Wordle, it scans the text and randomly places the most frequently used words in a block of text.  The words used the most are show in a bigger font.  For the “what are we doing well” comments it was nice to see words like “timely”, “always”, and “prompt” showing up prominently.  In the “what can we improve” comments, I was pleased to see the word “None” as large as it was.  But, it was also telling that the word “more” was also big.  Message received!

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