NWEA Teacher Logins



One of the questions we’ve gotten quite a bit regards how our change to @CRPrairie.org email will impact teacher logins to NWEA’s MAP site.  Last year (15-16) the answer was not at all — nothing changed since we were forwarding email from @PrairiePride.org accounts to @CRPrairie.org addresses.  However, since we have stopped forwarding email from @PrairiePride.org addresses, we will now need to update virtually all logins to the NWEA MAP site.  Here’s some Q and A on how this process will work.  Let me know if you have additional questions.

Q: What will my new username to the MAP site be?

A:  It will be your full @CRPrairie.org email address.

Q: What will my new password be?

A: When you account is updated, you will receive an email from NWEA requesting you to reset your password.  Just follow the onscreen instructions.  If you lose the reset email, you can go to https://teach.mapnwea.org  and click the “forgot password” link to force the process manually.

Q: When will my new account be ready?

A: New accounts should be ready in early August.  So, look for the password reset email sometime on or after 8/1/16.

Q: Will have access to the same historical reports and information I had with my old account?

A: Yes.


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