New iPad App Purchase Process


As I wrote last spring, we spent a lot of time working on iPads this summer.  Apple has redesigned a lot of the management tools, so we also redesigned our local app purchase process.  We believe it’s simpler for everyone.  

Here’s a PDF that shows how the whole process works.  However, there are really only two things you to do to make a purchase:

  1. Complete a requisition form and send it to Lisa Smith in the business office.  Of course, to complete the form you will also need to know the account code that will be used to pay for the purchase.
  2. You will also need to complete a Google Form that Angela Sleeper will send directly to you once she gets the requisition from Lisa.  In order for us to automatically deliver the new app, we’ll need to know the asset tag number, serial number, and Apple ID associated with the iPad.  The Google Form gives instructions on how to find all three.

Here are a few additional things to keep in mind when purchasing apps going forward.

  • This new procedure is the only way we will be purchasing apps.  There are no alternative methods.  We worked with the business office to develop a streamlined process that still meets all of the Iowa DE and federal legal rules for the use of public funds.  These are the rules that prevent us from being able to use iTunes gift cards.
  • There are no redemption codes or anything you need to do to install the apps.  Once you complete the Google Form, we will push the app(s) to your iPad(s) automatically.  App updates will also be automatically applied.
  • The new process will allow us to seamlessly give and take back apps from devices.  We could not do this before.  So, for example, an iPad goes missing or is stolen, we can revoke the apps on that device and automatically redeploy them to a new device.  
  • Again, we will be using this new purchase system exclusively, and as I indicated in the spring, it only works with newer iPad hardware.  It will not work work with anything that does not use a “lightning” sync cable — the thinner one.  The older 30 pin (larger) sync cable iPads won’t run this new system.  So, this means that you can still use older hardware, but you cannot purchase new apps for these devices.
  • Apple’s new management system will only work with iPads that have been purchased directly from Apple.  We cannot manage iPads that were purchased from resellers like Target or Walmart.  So, if a device was not purchased directly from Apple, we can’t manage it, and, therefore, we can’t purchase apps for it.  For the last three or four years, we’ve had a policy that requires all iPad purchases to be done this way.  Now, it is essential  that all iPad purchases come through the district technology office.  This would include iPads that are purchased by PTOs, the booster club, from grants, etc…
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