Student Google Groups


Just a quick FYI, our student Google Groups are now available. Remember that we have a Group for every period/class section in Campus that is populated with students.  Due to the number of Groups (around 5,000) and memberships (around 100,000), it took us a couple of days to get these setup for the year. The group name will begin with a building abbreviation, the course number, period, and course name.  So, for example, phs-1020-1-ap-english-lit– is the address for the AP English Literature period one group.  The course number, period, and name are exactly as they appear in Infinite Campus.  All of these groups will appear when typing in Group names in the Gmail web client.  So, you can just begin typing in the “to” field to search up a particular Group. These groups are particularly handy when sharing other Google content like Sites, Sheet, Slides, and Docs.

While these Groups are extremely useful, please be careful.  We’ve had a few instances over the last year where staff have accidentally sent sensitive information intended for Prairie teachers/staff to these student Groups.  So, double check the Group name before sending.  

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