Full Version of Google Read&Write Available

As I’ve posted before, assistive technology is quickly turning into one of my passions.  So, I’m thrilled to announce that we have purchased and pushed out the full version of Google Read&Write extension to all students and staff at Prairie.  This purchase was made possible largely by Cheryl Kiburz.  Cheryl’s leadership and vision landed an AT usability grant for Prairie Creek that made this district-wide purchase a reality.  

Read&Write is an awesome tool that will benefit struggling writers as well as proficient and advanced writers as well. Another great thing about this tool is that it benefits a wide spectrum of ages, too.  It’s very usable for our younger learners, and I’m using it right now as I compose this post.  It’s intuitive, and it has very manageable learning curve.  Here are a couple of brief videos that cover the features.


This is a Chrome browser extension only.  So, you must be using Chrome to take advantage of this tool.  To get the extension pushed to you, you must also be logged into Chrome with your @CRPrairie.org account.  All of our students using Chromebooks will have this done automatically.  But, again, students and staff using Macbooks need to ensure they are logged into Chrome with their @CRPrairie.org account.  

I strongly encourage all staff and students to take advantage of this incredibly powerful tool.

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