Friendly Disruption

I currently serve on the Iowa Special Education Advisory Panel or SEAP.  I’m one of several members appointed to represent the interest of parents.  About a year ago, I attended an event on behalf of SEAP that comprised several breakout sessions which explained purpose and status of several special education groups within the Iowa Department of Education.  This event made an impact on me.  I really started thinking about assistive technology very differently.

After ITEC last fall, I got the idea to do a Podcast on this topic.  But, I knew I couldn’t do it well all by myself.  So, I reached out to Maggie Pickett to see if she wanted to build this with me. Maggie coordinates assistive technology for the IDoE.  Luckily and somewhat unbelievably, she agreed to help even knowing that I knew nothing about how to produce a podcast.

We are calling our podcast — Friendly Disruption.   We feature an interesting digital tool and then talk about the tool and with a special guest each episode.  It’s about more than just assistive tech. We talk about a wide-range of issues related to digital learning.  We’ve published two episodes so far.  Our goal is to two product two a month.  I would respectfully ask that if this topic interests you even a little bit, please listen to our shows and follow us on Twitter at @fdisruption #FriendlyDisruption.

Our first episode was with Dr. Jerry Valentine, the creator of Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI) and we talked about Google Read&Write.  Like most first attempts at anything, we learned a lot about what we should and should not do.  No disrespect to Dr. Valentine, but this is not a very polished product and not a really that great.  The unevenness of the episode has nothing to do with Dr. Valentine.  He was a great sport.  But, I feel like we need to keep this first and far less than perfect attempt up to show that we are all learners and it’s ok to “train ugly.”

However, Episode 2 was much better.  We talked to Kevin Honeycutt and featured Snap&Read as our tool.  As always, Kevin is brilliant and very engaging.  And, Snap&Read is able to do some really cool things.  While our production quality is still very much a work in progress.  But,  I think if you take the time to listen, it will be worth your while.

We’ll be releasing our February and March guests and tools in the next few days.  I’ll post that info here as well as on the Friendly Disruption Twitter feed.  If we develop enough of an audience, we’ll look to continue episodes into summer and beyond.  We record each episode on YouTube Live on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.  When we release the episode information for February, which will include dates, you are also welcome to join our show to chat with our guests live, too.  Shoot me a note if you are interested in doing that, and I’ll be sure you get the link.  The audio only podcast is up by Thursday morning.  Maggie and I would appreciate if you would subscribe.

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