2016-17 Technology Department Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took a couple of moments to fill out the survey.  This type of feedback is really important to me and my team.  We read all of the comments and do our best to make adjustments based upon what is shared.  Below is the five-year trend data for the seven Likert scale questions.

These values are the combination of everyone who answered a “4” or a “5”.  We consider “3” a neutral response — neither agree nor disagree.  We continue to see a really nice trend.  All of the percentages increased or stayed the same from last year’s results.  All but one question got above 90% agree.  We also saw a couple of nice modest gains in timeliness, notification of results, and student-centered focus.  We need to continue to think about how we communicate as this value for this question is lower than it was two years ago.

Wordle of comments for what the Technology Department is doing well.

Wordle of comments regarding areas of improvement of the Technology Department.

The comments are especially valuable.  Of course, we really enjoy reading the nice things.  And, these types of positive comments really matter and do motivate our team to keep doing good things.  So, thank you to everyone who “filled our bucket”.  I was especially proud to see the word, “students” featured so prominently in the Wordle.  That’s why we are here and do what we do — to make things better for kids.  On the flip side, the improvement comments, while not as much fun, are even more helpful.  So, again, thank you to everyone who asked a question or gave us feedback/suggestions on how to improve.  I’m also very proud that the biggest term in this Wordle is “None”.

As always, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note or give me a call if you have questions or would like additional information.

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