Google Read&Write Stats

I just found out yesterday that we can run some basic utilization stats for Google Read&Write.  Below are the overall use numbers for the year to date and a pie chart of what tools within the suite are being used the most.

It’s nice to see a general upward trend in overall use.  Of course, I would love to see that number go even higher.  It also looks like most of our use comes from the screen reader feature.  While that’s a great tool, there’s so much more that Google R&W can do.  Here are a couple of quick resources if you wish to learn more about Read&Write:

Tutorial video (8 minutes)

Google Read&Write Toolbar visual guide

If you still want to learn more about Google Read&Write, drop me a line and I can connect you with even more resources. I’d also be happy to work with individuals or teams directly, too.

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