Don’t Forget About Friendly Disruption

I know podcasts are not everyone’s thing, but if you find them useful, I would put in a plug for the one that Maggie Pickett and I are running — Friendly Disruption.  While we are training ugly, I do think the quality of each episode continues to improve.  Maggie and I try to find tools that are inexpensive or free to use with all kids.  We also visit with some pretty interesting and smart guests.

In April, we had a great conversation with Infinite Campus CEO and founder, Charlie Kratch about the future of education and digital tools.  Later in May, we’ll be visiting with nationally recognized digital learning consultant, Kevin Brookhauser.  Kevin is the author of the book, The 20 Time Project.  He’s an experienced classroom teacher and expert on designing highly engaging, authentic project-based learning experiences.  I encourage you all to give this a listen when you have time.

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