Technology Personnel Changes

There are two significant changes on the horizon for the technology department this year.  As I’m sure everyone knows, these are challenging times for school budgets.  Even though Prairie is in relatively good shape — we have a strong tax base and a very supportive community — we still had to make some really, really difficult decisions.  Starting on July 1st of 2017, Bill Paarmann’s position was reduced to half time.  Bill will be onsite working each week — usually on Mondays and Tuesdays.  He will respond to all email on those days, so please be patient with us if you email him later in the week.

The other change is related to how we are deploying technicians.  This is part of our effort to enact continuous improvement.  We are going to a four role, three-week rotation for the techs.  The roles will are: data center/elementary support, 1.0 FTE, Prairie Creek support, .5 FTE; Prairie Point Support, 1.0 FTE, and PHS support, 1.0 FTE.   Each tech will rotate through each role every three week.  I’m sure I made this sound more complicated than it really is.  Here’s an example of how it will work: Monday, 8/20 Charlie Braun will be assigned to Prairie Point. On Monday, 9/11, he will switch to the Data Center role and Chris Ketchum will take over a Point.  We will run this as a round-robin rotation all year.  We’ve put the techs schedules on a Google Calendar.  We will also add a link for this calendar to the Staff Hub inside   Bill Paarmann’s work days are also included on this calendar.  We hope that by rotating our technicians, we will do a better job of keeping all of them in the loop on new best practices and in turn improve service to students and staff.

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