New Securly Parent Features: At-Home Filtering Controls

As we start the new school year, I’m very excited to announce that Securly has rolled out a new set of features for parents.  As I’ve posted in the past, all Prairie parent of students in grade 5-12 get a weekly email that summarizes their student’s online activity while using Prairie Chromebooks and MacBooks.  Last spring, Securly rolled out their Parental Portal which gave parents full access to student browsing history.  Starting this fall, parents of students with Prairie take-home devices will be able to adjust filtering for these devices while their child is at home.  Parents will not be able to modify filtering policy while at school.  But, at home, they can block categories of sites (games, social media, etc…) and they can blacklist specific websites, too.  This can all be done by following the login link in the weekly student email report.

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