New Friendly Disruption Episode!

I know that podcasts are not for everyone, but if you do enjoy them, please give a listen to the latest episode of Friendly Disruption, the podcast that I work on with Maggie Pickett.  We visit with Buddy Berry, the superintendent at Eminence School in Eminence Kentucky.  As I wrote earlier here, the central office team at Prairie visited Eminence in July.  It was a really great and unique experience.   This rather unflattering picture is from the Eminence School’s ED HUB — yes they have a rather large slide!

Buddy is also the keynote speaker at ITEC this fall.  So, in addition to being very engaging and entertaining, there are many, many great insights shared in our 40-minute conversation.  We also discuss the really cool iPad app, Prizmo.  I’ll be sharing more on that later this fall.  So, again, if you like podcasts, please give this one a listen.

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