October Technician Rotation and a new Email

The following is an email I received Sam “Fire” Ketchum.   I was looking for some input on clarity for our upcoming technician rotation change and some explanation on a new group email we’d like all staff to use.  Below was Sam’s feedback — complete with visuals.  I’ve now tasked him with writing the updates for the remaining rotations for this school year — eight in all…  Enjoy!

Here’s Sam’s note in full:

The technology team is going green!

Every day, countless digital trees are virtually hewn down to provide the on-screen paper used up in our emails. Don’t believe me? Look!





This is 100% real. Trust me, I’m a computer technician.

In an attempt to combat waste and save the digital rainforest, the technology team has decided to “let our powers combine!” – just like Captain Planet!

Together, you can reach us at technologyteam@crprairie.org

By emailing technologyteam@crprairie.org you save time… it is automatically sent to us all! We won’t be forced to slaughter the internet amazon by forwarding emails over and over to the correct recipients.

This is especially important as the tech team returns to the roots of ancient technology troubleshooting nomads… rotating from location to location, civilization to civilization, repairing technology and moving on to the next ancient tech issue. Atlantis (bad Liquid Spill), Stonehenge (circle calibration), The ancient library of Alexandria (Scroll cataloging and checkout systems), Medieval Europe…. (well, we kinda dropped the ball on that one. Virus issues…. The Black Death I think it was called?)

As a friendly reminder, here are the tech staff locations starting 10/3

  • Charlie will be up a Creek
  • Collin is going to be on Point
  • Chris will be High
  • Sam is going to be locked in the basement
  • Angela will be shifting exactly six inches to the right

If you have any questions, comments concerns, or a desire to join our efforts to preserve the digital habitat, remember to send any and all emails to technologyteam@crprairie.org

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