When there’s something strange…. in your neighborhood

This is another guest post from Sam Ketchum.  It details our next technician rotation details.

Who you gonna call?

GHOSTBUST—–uh, the TECH department!!

It is a little-known fact that ALL technology problems can be ultimately traced back to a single root cause – paranormal possession. Attached is irrefutable, undeniable proof.

Disclaimer: This image may be incredibly terrifying to behold. If you are easily frightened, please look away. I’m serious. Continue reading at the risk of your own sanity. Why are you still reading this?? Go!

Ok, here it is:

I’m sorry for alarming you, but there are some skeptics and naysayers that would deny the obvious without this incontrovertible evidence.

As we approach the halloween season, The Technology Team (technologyteam@crprairie.org) is acting in accordance with the occult knowledge they have gleaned from the movement of the stars and the whisperings of paranormal forces. Change is upon us! To appease these eldritch forces and avert an impending apocalypse, the Technology team will once again be relocating its forces to best combat the ghastly ghosts and ghoulish geists arrayed against us.

The Technology team will be positioned in the following manner starting October 23rd

  • Chris “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man” Ketchum – Elementary buildings and Server room
  • Collin “Are you a god?” Knoll – Creek
  • Charlie “There is no Charlie, only Zuul” Braun – High School
  • Sam “Don’t cross the streams!” Ketchum – Point

If you suspect your technology may not be functioning correctly and/or is inhabited by forces beyond mortal comprehension, contact your building tech, or direct your questions to technologyteam@crprairie.org

Have a spooktacular Halloween season!

-The Technology Team

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