Yes! Even More Read&Write Learning

This fall I’ve had the pleasure of working with the CCSD Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) committee.  This small, but mighty team has been working on methods that will make all of our curriculum (eventually) accessible for all kids based on need and learning preference (personalized learning).  One of the main ways we are hoping to accomplish this goal is by the use of Read&Write for Google.

Recently, I’ve been sharing all sorts of brief instructional videos on how to operate the tools inside R&W for the last few weeks.  But, the AEM team has created several slightly longer videos that clearly show how to embed R&W into authentic Prairie curriculum.  These are great examples of how to use this powerful tool with our methods and resources.  Each video is about 5 minutes.  So, while you are welcome to watch all of them, you might want to start with one or two that hit areas where you work most closely.  Here they are:

As always, I would love to hear from those of you who are already using Read&Write.  So, drop me a note to let me know what you are doing.

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