Read and Write for Google Troubleshooting

I was delighted to hear that a lot of the learning that happened on last Monday’s PL day involved the use of Read and Write for Google.  I’m thrilled that this tool is getting used in this setting.  My hope is that everyone who uses it will see it’s incredible power and use it with their students.

However, I also heard that some people had some trouble with Read and Write on Monday.  While Read and Write works really well most of the time, there are some fast, simple thing everyone can do to troubleshoot to fix problems.  One quick and easy troubleshooting tip that will often clear up problems is to clear Chrome’s browsing cache — I know this sounds kind of technical, but it’s very simple to do and anyone can do it.  The  40-second video above demonstrates the process.

If this does not work, try other simple steps like fully quitting Chrome and restarting it.  And, of course, restarting the computer itself is always something to try as well.  Remember, too, that we have the full, paid version of Read and Write.  This means it will only work when teachers are logged into the Chrome browser with their account.  Being logged into multiple Chrome profiles can also cause problems.  So, it’s recommended that all teachers should only be logged in to Chrome with your account when using Read and Write.

Our teacher setup is more complex than our student configurations.  We try to keep things as simple as possible for kids — only allowing Chrome on our 10-12 MacBooks, and restricting our all of our student Chromebooks to only work with accounts.  So, many of the issues that teachers might experience are not issues with student devices and accounts.  As always, I strongly encourage everyone to use Read and Write with your students.  Don’t hesitate to let me or any member of the technology team know if you have trouble.

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