New Student Online Registration Now Live!

As I announced at all of the building staff meetings I attended last summer, we are moving forward with Online Registration.  While it has taken us a little longer than I thought, we launched OLR for new to the district kids and families earlier this week.  We plan to use this online form for registration for all students next summer, too.  This does not mean that we won’t have a registration event in August.  That practice won’t change for next summer.   But, On-Line Registration will mean the end of most of the paper forms families will need to complete.  So, the days of the big, thick registration packet being mailed out to each student are over!

Becky O’Connell, Angela Sleeper, and Bill Paarmann put in a lot of work on this project, so if you see them — give each them big “Thank you!” for their efforts.  If you want to have a look at some of the process, you can go to the district homepage–>Registrar/Enrollment–>School Registration/Enrollment K-12.  Here’s the direct link to the Google Site Becky has constructed.   As with any project this large and complex, there will need to be refinements and improvements.  But, this process will ultimately save parents a lot of time.

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