Introducing Mary Corrigan — New CCSD Technology Team Member!

Mary Corrigan will begin work at CCSD on 12/28/17.

As almost everyone at Prairie now knows, we’ve had an open technician position for about the six weeks. We have such a small, tightly knit department that adding a new team member is both exciting and scary.  So, we took our time to do everything in our power to make the right hire.  During out posting period, we had applications from several strong candidates.  But, no one was a better fit than Mary Corrigan.

For the past ten months, Mary has worked for Cedar Rapids Schools as a technology helpdesk analyst.  Prior to that (from 2010-2016), she worked in the technology department for Whitnall CSD in suburban Milwaukee, WI.   In addition to years of experience within the public school sector, Mary has a Bachelor of Science in MIS (Management of Information Systems). She has an outstanding mix of technical expertise and practical experience within schools.  I was thrilled when she accepted our offer last week.

Here are a few of Mary’s thoughts on joining the Prairie technology team:

Since moving here from Wisconsin 18 months ago, I’ve heard such great things about College Community School District. I’m excited to be part of it now and look forward to supporting the students and staff!

Mary’s first day will be Thursday, December 28th.  She will be spending a week with each of our technicians before being assigned her own spot in our rotation plan.   We will be updating the technician rotation calendar with Mary’s information in early 2018.  In the meantime, we will keep all of our other technician rotation assignments as they were previously — we now plan to go back to having 1.0 FTE at the HS and Point and .5 FTE at Creek.  When you see Mary out and about our campus, please give her a warm welcome.

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