New Look Technology Office

This fall has been a time of rapid change for the CCSD Technology Department.  In addition to adding a new team member, we’ve re-envisioned, redesigned, and re-organized our office space.  The space is much more open, (and we hope) welcoming, and friendly.  This was a Herculean task and we purged a lot of old, useless gear — mainly cables and old, obsolete spare parts.

The technician workspaces are much cleaner and more efficient — both in terms of use of space and ease of work.

We spent a good deal of time organizing our parts inventory, too.  I need to give a big shout out to Doug Exline and Duan Carver (and the rest of his crew) for helping us mount the pegboard, the wall organizer, and our two large displays/monitors.

We also put together a museum space that has all sorts of interesting technology throughout the years.  The main attraction here is our 1980s Apple LISA computer with original documentation.  This was the project that Steve Jobs worked on before the Macintosh.  And, like most other museums, if you have a piece you’d like to donate to us, just let me know.

This is just the first redesign, too.  As the high school construction project progresses over the next three years, we will be making more changes and improvements to this space. We encourage everyone to stop down and visit us if you are in the neighborhood.






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