Online Registration Update

Infinite Campus OLR starting pageI realized that most people probably don’t know what’s happening with online registration.  So, here’s a quick update.  If you all recall, when I came to your building last fall I announced that we would be going to online registration this year.  This plan is moving ahead as expected.  We’ve been using the new online form for all new to the district students this calendar year.  While there are always some bugs and wrinkles to iron out, by an large it has worked really well.  The new process has been relatively easy for families to understand and it’s saved Becky O’Connell a lot of time by automating most of the data entry into Campus — so far a real win-win situation.

This puts us on target to use the online tool for all returning district students this summer.  Like any new process, I’m sure we’ll have some things we need to fix, but my hope is that this new tool will delight our families.  The application for existing families just requires them to review the information we currently have in Campus and update it with any changes.  This means no more completing the dreaded “yellow form” from scratch for each child.  It should be a time-saver.

While there are still a number of details to work through, I can tell everyone that we will still have a registration event this August, too.  It will likely look a bit different as all families will need to use the new tool.   So, I’m sure we’ll have computer kiosks set up for families for that purpose.   We will likely need to work with buildings as well to have some open computer times for families without access to the internet to use our equipment and connection to complete this process.  Again, more details will be forthcoming on this.  But, everything is on the right track.  Stay tuned!

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