Technology Department Summer Plans — What are we buying this summer?

WeVideo ScreenshotWhile there are still some questions marks, I can share some of the technology team’s plans for the summer.  We intend to stick to the device plan we started back in 2014.  This means around 60 Chromebooks for each elementary building — intended for 3rd grade.  We’ll update 25% of our student MacBook fleet as well as 25% of our staff MacBook fleet (more on that in another upcoming post).

One piece of feedback I’ve gotten quite often is that we don’t have great tools for kids that use Chromebooks to edit video.  So, I’m excited to announce we’ll be adding a district subscription to WeVideo this summer!  WeVideo is an easy to use web-based video editing tool.  I’ll share more detail and learning opportunities for it as we move into next summer and fall.  But, this will give all kids at Prairie a common tool they can use to create and edit video content.


Of course, one of the other main projects we’ll be working on is the ongoing update to Prairie High School, too.  We’ll be installing new network gear in all of the areas slated to open in the fall.  With our standard summer work, this projects to be a very productive summer season for the team.  As always, drop me a line or leave a comment here if you have questions.



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