Staff MacBook Update for Summer 2018


It’s time to start planning for new certified staff MacBooks!  As I said in my previous post, we plan to update about 25% of the staff fleet each year.  When we started this back in 2014, all staff had computers that were all the same age.  So, as a starting point, we choose CCSD seniority as the fairest way we could think of to get the process rolling.  This is the last year of the model.  Next year, we’ll be looking at computer age, not your age with the district to determine who gets an update.

Here’s the list for this summer.  Please note, if you scroll down beyond the current year, the value in the “SenDate” column (column E) may not be correct.  This is because we are in the last year of looking at this from a seniority perspective.  We do have you ordered correctly, by computer age — so while the date in that column may not be correct, your placement in the replacement cohort is.  Next year’s Sheet will show only computer age, but we can’t have two values in the same column.  It will look better next year!  I know this a little confusing, but again, don’t worry about the date, just know your place in the cohort is where it should be.

If you are on the list to get an update this summer, Angela will be emailing you to setup a time this summer to get this done.  The email will share the dates and the process for this to happen.  Again, if you are on the list, please take some time to read and complete the Form in that email from Angela.  I would strongly suggest backing up everything you wish to transfer to Google Drive.  If you do that and use Chrome, this makes the process go a lot faster.  In fact, by doing these two things, we can usually just setup Chrome for and that’s all it takes.  As always, let me know if you have questions or comments.


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