17-18 Staff Survey Results

17-18 Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give the technology team feedback this year.  This type of input is really critical to helping our team improve.  When looking at the charts, here’s our methodology: we count “4s” and “5s” in the “agree” category.  We don’t count “3s” at all.  Along the same lines, we group “1s” and “2s” for disagree.  Here are a couple of highlights from my perspective.


Not that this is our main goal for giving the survey, but I’m frankly not sure if it’s realistically possible for the results to get any higher.

  • All seven questions showed an improvement.
  • There were only two “2s” scored on the entire survey and no “1s”.
  • Even more amazing, the first question regarding technician courtesy came back as 100% agree!

The comments about what the team is doing well were really affirming, too.  The Wordle shows what we like to see for this — big words for “communication”, “help”, “students”, “quick” etc…

glows wordle


Not a lot to grow on for the seven questions.  We’ll do our very best to maintain the high level of performance on all of these fronts.  We did get a lot of great feedback from the –“what can we improve” comment section.  Looking at Wordle for this, again much of the terms are what we like to see:  “none” was a big word as was “more” and “tech”.

Grow Wordle

Message received!  We talk about all of these comments as a team.  Here are some improvement trends we’ll work on for next year:

  • We’ll be working on plans to improve our communication around technician rotation.
  • We’ll also try to get more disciplined with our on-site protocols — letting people know when we are in and leaving buildings.
  • Projector issues lead the way in equipment complaints — so we’ll need to work on methods to better repair or replace problematic units.  T
  • here were several calls for student management systems for one to one devices.

We are always open to feedback at any time of year.  So, if you have ideas, questions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to let me or any member of the team know.

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