As many of you have heard, we have purchased an application called GoGuardian to help teachers monitor student devices at the 5-12 level. This tool works through Google Chrome and Google Classroom to allow teachers to monitor devices.

Implementation has gone well! We already have 2190 connected students, which is a large portion of our 5-12 student population. Training has been offered at each building and has gone well.

As with any product or new thing, there have been bumps along the road! A few bumps that have come up and solutions:

  1. If 2 teachers have access to the same Google Classroom, one teacher needs to add the classroom to their GoGuardian account, then add the other teacher through GoGuardian.
  2. Many have asked about the daily implementation emails. I’ve created a screencast, using QuickTime on my MacBook to show how to change a preference in GoGuardian to not get the daily email. It’s found HERE. 

As questions arise around GoGuardian, please let me know!

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