Google Team Drive

Google Team Drive is a feature that Google added in the fall of 2016, yet has not gained a whole lot of traction recently. I’d like to draw your attention to this great collaborative tool and outline a few reasons you’ll want to move some of your collaborative items into Team Drives instead of just shared folders.

When a staff member leaves CCSD, we suspend their google account. This deactivates the account, but keeps their ownership of documents open. A year later, the account is deleted and documents they owned are gone – deleted… This has caused some problems in the past for teams who share documents and don’t transfer ownership before this occurs.

Google Team Drives help overcome this issue. When a document is added or created in a Team Drive the ownership of the document lies in the Team Drive, not the individual, alleviating this issue of losing items when people leave the district. I’d highly recommend that PLC teams utilize this for documents that are in curriculum maps. We don’t want to lose those important documents.

Information about Google Team Drives can be found HERE.


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