Data Desk for Google Read and Write

One of the most common requests for Read&Write for Google Chrome users has been the ability for teachers to easily manage student access to features.

This is important during testing scenarios, for example, when teachers don’t want students in one class to use a dictionary or other support feature while they’re taking a test. Historically, it has been difficult to turn a Read&Write feature on or off for just that one class or group of students without impacting students in other classrooms.

That’s where Data Desk, a feature management tool for Read&Write for Google Chrome, comes in. With Data Desk, teachers using Google Classroom can simply pick a class, select individual (or all) students in that class, and choose which features should or should not be available to those students. Teachers can even set a time limit for how long they’d like the new feature set to be active.

 To get started, teachers will need to visit and sign in with their Google ID. A Google Classroom permission request will appear. Accepting the permissions will allow Data Desk to display the teachers’ classes, along with the list of students in those classes.*

Once the classes are imported, the teachers simply select which class or individual students they want to modify features for and follow the instructions provided. Note that unless a timer is set, all features that are unchecked will remain unavailable to selected students until they are changed back by an educator.

I’d highly recommend that you use this video as a reference when parsing this subject.
As with many features we use with Google, this utilizes Google Classroom to manage students. You’ll need to have students enrolled in Google Classroom for this to work.
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