Digital Literacy Update: How Will Technical Support Work for Students?

Students will be playing a key role in support, too.  The technology department is promoting a student technology norm, “Ask 3 Before Me.”

We believe our students will often be some of our best resource for each other and staff.  So, please encourage your students to follow this norm.


There will be situations where students will need get help from the technicians in the help desks at Point and PHS.  In these cases, we’ll need everyone to follow the procedures below.


Because of the high volume of computers, we need to follow a very structured procedure to ensure quality work.  As you review the sheet above, please note that students will be filling out a paper form each time they request help from a technician.  The paper or Service Ticket  is necessary to keep track of the physical computer and to let us know how long we have had the computer.  We have a different color for each day of the week.

Help Desk Service Ticket


When computers are ready to be picked up, the technician will post the top portion of the service ticket sheet (this includes the student’s name on it) in the library.   Students will need to return this sheet to the technician at pickup.  We will be verifying student identities with Campus both at drop off and at pick up of computers.


It’s important for everyone to understand that a trip to the help desk will take some time for students.  The technicians will not write passes to excuse students who are late for class, although the library or library staff may choose to do so based upon building policy.

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