Installing Printers on Your MacBook Using Self Service

As I referenced in a post last week, we have a new program on all of the student and staff MacBooks called Self Service.    Here’s a quick tutorial on how it works.  When you are done, you’ll have all the printers in your building setup.  Of course, please also be aware that this will be one of the primary ways we distribute software to students, too.


Casper Self Service App

Self Service is part of the Casper management suite.  It allows us to distribute software to as many or few teachers and students who need it.  In other words, we can control with great granularity who can get the software.  Students and staff will see very different things when logging into Self Service.   One of the other really cool thing about Self Service is that is will work from any network connection.  So, kids and staff can install software while at home, too.


Before we setup a program to be shared in Self Service, the program must be turned into a “package.”    Again, we’ll need to know who get’s access to the package in question – a set or roster of specific students or is it for everyone.  So, if you are not on the list, you cannot install the package.  Once the package is created and rights to it are setup, we’ll make it available in Self Service.


You can find the Self Service application on your MacBook in a couple of spots.  If you open the hard drive on the desktop and click the “Applications” item listed on the left, that will open the Applications folder.

Scroll through the list of programs in this folder until you see Self Service.

The other way to find it is to use the “Launchpad” icon in the Dock.  Launchpad may have several screens full of program icons to “swipe” through.  So, if you don’t see Self Service on the initial screen, you may need to use the “swipe” gesture on your track pad to scroll through the screens.  To swipe use two finder and swipe from left to right or right to left to move between the screens.


After Self Service launches, the first thing it does is ask you for a username and password.  Use your email username and password.  Students should do the same.

Once you are in, you’ll be presented with some packages we have made available.  We will continue to add to new packages into the fall.  So, check back often.  I’m guessing we’ll have a Chrome package here in the near future.  If you look on the right portion of the Self Service window, you’ll see a list of menu options: Featured, Applications, OS Utilities, Plug-Ins, and Printers.  Please click the Printer menu item.  Here you’ll find a package for each building.

To install the package, just click the “Install” button once.  These packages will automatically install all of the printers for that building.

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