How Do I Purchase Apps (with District funds) for My iPad?

One of the most confusing processes we have, unfortunately, is purchasing apps for iPads.  We’ve done our best to make as simple as we can.  However, the way Apple has constructed the App Store and the constraints placed upon us by state and federal laws make it a complex endeavor.


Apple insists on tying all app purchases to an Apple ID account usually with a personal credit card.  Apple also categorically refuses to make app purchases transferable between Apple IDs.  This works really well for consumers and private citizens.  We just put in our credit card or purchase a gift card and we are off to the races.  However, state and federal laws have significant restrictions on how public money can be spent.  Generally, using cash to pay for items as a district is an unsafe practice.  And, that’s what a gift card really is—cash.  So, we cannot use these.


Therefore, we’ve signed on to Apple’s volume app license purchasing program.  This helps us to comply with state and federal laws.  But, it makes the process a bit more complex.  We’ve created a diagram on how the process works.

So, when you want to buy an app, please start by filling out a requisition and sending it to the business office.  Be sure to include the account code.  If the purchase is approved and there is funding in the account the business office will forward the request to Angela.  Angela will send you a form via your email in order to get the Apple ID from your iPad and other info.  Please fill it out and return it to Angela.  Once she gets that, she will enter your information in the App Store and purchase the App for you.  She will then send you a redemption code that you can put in when you go to download the app from the App Store.


Again, I know this is really complex.  But, this is the most efficient we can run the process and still comply with state and federal laws as well as the framework Apple has setup.  As always, please let me know what questions you have.


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