Fall Help Desk Data

As you might imagine, it’s been a very busy fall for the CCSD technology team.  We significantly restructured how we deploy staff.  Charlie Braun has been assigned to the onsite help desk at the High School and Chris Ketchum is doing the same thing at Prairie Point.  Nicole Barth worked closely with Charlie at PHS for the first month as well.  Collin Knoll and Angela Sleeper (and now Nicole) covered the rest of the buildings’ needs.   The whole team did an incredible job of managing the volume of questions and problems to start the year.  And, while we certainly were not perfect, we did handle the vast majority of the requests in a timely fashion.

Fall Help Desk Data

Please keep in mind that we only document the “non-routine” issues/problems with a Help Desk ticket.  If we can solve the problem quickly, we don’t take time to record these.   We don’t want to spend our time documenting routine questions because the time that we spend doing that could be used to work on open, non-routine issues.

You might also notice that there some data in the “Work Time” column.  With the new laptops, the district purchased some accidental damage insurance.  When we file a claim, the techs need to now document the techs’ time on these issues.  So, a high time value in that column indicates that there was time spent on repairing accidental damage to a s student or staff member’s laptop.  While this is a good thing for the district, there are a lot of moving parts in terms of procedures that we had to operationalize.

I think the data tells a pretty predictable story.  We had the most tickets at the High school and Point.  We will be reviewing this data and our onsite help desk sign-in sheet data to evaluate our staffing placements as the year goes on.  However, it does look like having Chris and Charlie at Point and the High School has been really beneficial up to this point.  I will also continue to coordinate closely with building administration if we do decide to make any shifts in staffing later in the year.

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