eReaders and Standardization: Nook vs. Kindle

We’ve added a lot of devices to our schools this year.  The MacBooks given to kids at Point and the High School are well know to just about everyone.  But, what’s not as obvious is that we’ve been growing a fleet of ereader devices in the district as well.  There are a number of these devices at all levels and in most buildings.  I anticipate that we’ll be looking to get more and more of these as they are relatively inexpensive and have some really powerful educational benefits.

The K-12 Media Council has worked the last couple of years to bring more of these tablet type machines into our schools.  This team as looked at a wide-range of issues surrounding ereaders – compatibility with our library circulation software, Follett Destiny; licensing of content and books; purchasing process for new content and books; as well as over all cost of each unit just to name a few factors.  Given these factors, the team decided to go with the Barnes and Noble Nook as our standard ereader for the district.


It’s important for everyone at Prairie to know this as we really can’t efficiently support more than one type of ereader in the district.  Purchasing process, technical support, and interoperability with our other systems really means we can only have one type ereader deployed.   So, if you are considering purchasing some ereaders for your classroom, we’ll need you to select a Nook instead of one of the other products (probably an Amazon Kindle).  As always, drop me a note, give me a call, or post here if you have questions.

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