Campus Messenger Changes

campus1Last night we received an update from Campus that have some very welcome changes to Campus Messenger.  The two major, structural changes are:

  1. Messenger emails can now support one attached file.
  2. All people in Campus can now have two email addresses to receive Campus Messenger emails.  So, parents can have both a work-place and personal email in use.

There have been some cosmetic changes to the Messenger Tools in the Instruction area that teachers use.  There are now three tools listed that are pretty self-explanatory: Grades Messenger, Missing Assignment Messenger, and Teacher Messenger.

In order to attach a file to a Messenger email, just use the “Browse and upload an email attachment” field at the bottom of any of the Messenger pages.  Again, you can only attach one file per email.  Also, please understand that attached files can cause problems with email delivery.  Please be aware of the size of the attached file’s size.  Large attachments may not be accepted by the recipient’s email server.  Some servers will also reject email with certain types of attachments(.exe .zip).  Typically, PDF and MS Office type files are pretty safe however.


If you use the full version of Messenger and not just the tools under Instruction, you may wish to read the next section.  Campus has redesigned the Messenger tool set and simplified it.  There is no longer a separate “Message Designer” tool.  It is now built into “Message Builder.”  At the top of the new Message Builder screen is where you select the message template you want to use.  If you are composing a new message, just scroll to the bottom of the page and write your message.  The send options are pretty much the same—select your Ad-hoc filter, and other send options.  If this is a template you want to save for re-use, click the “Save” button just to the right of the “Template” pull down menu.  This will popup a new window for you to name the template, select a location (user account or group), and save it.


If you wish to re-use a saved template, you need to do the following steps.  If the template is saved to your user account and not one of our groups i.e. “Building Coordinator”, “District Coordinator”, etc…  leave the “User/Group” pull down on user.  If the template is saved to one of these groups, you’ll need to select the appropriate group from the “User/Groups” pull down.   Once that’s determined, click on the “Template” pull down menu to view your saved templates.

Here are a couple of general Messenger best practices.   While copying and pasting text from Word is quick, it creates a lot of unexpected results (strange characters, etc…) that can really muddle up the message.  So, it is much safer to compose the message in tool.  If this is not feasible, here are a few characters that should be manually deleted in Message Builder and retyped manually: quotes, apostrophes, long dashes,  or anything else that Word might auto-change/format.

Please also remember that all Messenger emails are “from” a generic email address and not your personal address.  So, be sure to identify who you are early in the message otherwise parents and students may not know who the message is from.

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