Save Your Power Adaptor

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the durability and reliability of our new MacBook Air laptops both for students and for staff.  When we purchased these laptops, we also purchased a supplemental insurance policy to cover repair costs.  Year to date, we’ve only had 105 insurance claims for repairs.  This is includes both staff and student computers.  This is is a really low number, just under 6% of our total fleet.

When we looked at the types of issues that made up the the 105 claims, one type really stood out, however.  We’ve submitted 49 power cord replacements.  This would include both loss and damage.  Out of the 49 power cord claims, we estimate about half  of these were caused by a very common, but understandable, maltreatment of the cords.  I see this type of problem all the time with both students and staff.  In fact, I’ve even done this myself until I realized the problem, too.

Here’s what’s happening.  If the cord that goes from the “brick” to the computer is wrapped tightly around the two anchor posts with out any slack, this will cause the cord to break where it attaches to the brick.  This is a very natural and understandable way to wrap the cord.  But, doing this does stress this connector and will result in a cable break.

Power Brick care

So, we’ve created posters that were distributed at the high school and Point to let students know.  I would also ask staff to please be careful of how they wrap these cables.  Each time we have to replace an adapter, it costs just under $80.  Please see the example/non-example below the right and wrong way to take care of this item.


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