Emergency Calls and Text Messages Coming to Prairie Next Fall!

School MessengerPrairie has just signed on to partner with School Messenger to provide emergency calls and text messages to our patrons and staff starting next school year.  This means that parents and staff will have the option to receive an automated phone call and/or text message when there is a school related emergency such as a snow day.    We only plan on using this service for high priority or emergency situations.

While School Messenger will pull information form Infinite Campus, it is not part of that product.  While Infinite Campus does make an excellent dialer product, Mr. Speer felt it was important to have our voice messaging service be located offsite.  Given our recent experience with a data center failure, I agree with this idea.  Only select central office staff will have access to send voice messages.

Steve Doser will be providing more information on how this new service will work in the fall.  Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

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