Ready for 2013-14!

re-image2It’s been an incredible week in the technology office.  I’m so proud of the entire team! In less than a working week, we have all of the student laptops ready to go out the door for the fall on 2013-14 school year.  This is an astounding feat.  I’m out of superlatives to describe all the work that was done to make this happen.  Here are some of the bullet points we can celebrate:

  • The team (Charlie, Chris, Collin, Nicole, and Angela) checked in and organized over 1,300 computers  in just over one working week.
  • Each of these 1,300 computers were inventoried/verified to ensure the computer was paired with the correct student (as of today’s date, we have just 1 computer that was not turned in — I’m sure we’ll track that one down, too.  Again — Incredible!)
  • Each computer was examined for damage and missing hardware then documented.
  • Each computer was erased and re-imaged — this is the most amazing part to me.  This used to take so much longer even just a couple of years ago –a lab of 30 computers might take half a day.  Huge props to Apple and Casper/JAMF for making an elegantly simple and lightning fast imaging process.  We did 10 at at time, about 5 minutes per computer.
  • All computers were assigned a color-coded label that had student name and homeroom assignment.
  • All computers were organized in our storage area by home room — another huge task — for easy rollout next fall.
  • All damaged computers were repaired and missing hardware (power adapters) replaced.

StorageAgain, this is a stunning amount of work to happen in just a little over four working days.  The really cool part is that we learned a ton from doing this the first time, too.  The team is confident that with tweaks and corrections to our working process that they could probably shave a day off the entire procedure.  Amazing!

There’s even more to celebrate, too.  The students did an incredible job of taking care of the computers this year.  I was astounded by the remarkably good condition of the student computers as they came in for the end of the year.   When you consider the total number, over 1,300, we had less than 10 significant repairs after check-in.   Wow!  That’s less than 1%.  By far the biggest factor we did see was issues related to power cords.  About half of the 60 we ordered were due to a product defect (stress breaking the cable going from the brick to the computer — not the students’ fault) and a lot of what was left from these were related to lost/missing power adapter extension cable.  For the most part, the computers were also very clean.  I really couldn’t be more proud of how the kids a Prairie took ownership with these devices.   I know we say it a lot around here, but this is more evidence that we really do have great kids here at Prairie.

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  1. jjanssen says:

    Way to go techies! It was a daunting task but I knew you could do it quickly if we all just left you alone. 🙂 Does this mean you now have time to go over to Heights and update all of our netbooks? Just kidding… no, really, just kidding. See you in August.

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