Cool, New, Free (for the most part) Stuff! — Google Connected Apps

Ryan Rydstrom, just clued me into a really cool, new feature in Google Drive: Connected Apps.  This feature is available for both teachers and our students.  Connected Apps allows you to integrate tools right into Google Drive.   For example, I was able to connect Mind Map – an Inspiration-like mapping tool.  So, if I want to brainstorm ideas and show that in a mental map, just open up Google Drive.  Click the “Create” button and instead of starting a Sheet or a Doc, select Mind Meister.  This allows you to keep all of your stuff in one spot very conveniently.

Google Connected Apps

Google Connected Apps

Another cool Connected App I ran across was Voice Comments.  This App does just what the name promises.  It makes it easy for teachers to leave recorded, voice comments within a Google Doc, Sheet, or Presentation.  This is a really powerful feedback tool.  There are many, many other Apps available, too.  But, be wary.  Not all are great and not everything is free.  So, read the descriptions and reviews carefully before connecting.

I’ve created a brief screen cast that shows how to get started with Connected Apps.  Please give it a look.  I would be really interested to hear about what other cool Connected Apps you’ve run across.  Please post a comment here if you have one.

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2 Responses to Cool, New, Free (for the most part) Stuff! — Google Connected Apps

  1. Craig says:

    I got this from Katie Jo Bruhn this morning. I could really see kids engaging with this tool.

    Made using Loupe – a fun & fast way to make cool creations with your photos.

    —Katie Jo Bruhn–

  2. Ann Smith says:

    Check out Pixorial Video and Pinteract as well!
    A few more cool tools with the connection of google apps!
    Ann Smith

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