How Do I Update My Biography on

This is a quick post on how to maintain your staff page, the page that comes up with your professional biography and picture, at  Your staff page can work as a hub for students and parents.  This is a great place to include links to any online tools you may use.  It’s also, not a bad idea to revisit your professional biography occasionally to make sure it’s still accurate.

Prairie Pride Staff Page

Prairie Pride Staff Page

From a style perspective, here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you write or update your biography.

  • Think about the tone you wish to communicate.  A third person voice will give your biography a more formal professional tone.  However, there may be reasons that you wish to write in a more friendly, informal tone.  Just be sure to choose one and stick to it.
  • Avoid overly specific references to time and buildings.  If you say something like, “Mr. Barnum has work at the ESC for seven years.”  That will only be accurate for a relatively short amount of time.  I would suggest something like, “Mr. Barnum has worked at CCSD since 1999.”  This way you don’t need to update your biography each year.

Here are the steps for access in your staff page.

  1. While at, click the Staff Hub (enter the appropriate userID and password)
  2. On the menu to the left, scroll down and locate the link for Edhesion and click it.
  3. Login with your email username and password.
  4. One the menu along the top of the page, click the Teacher Sites menu and select Settings and Preferences.
  5. A very simple form is presented.  Enter or update your biography and click Save Changes when done.

staff page edit

Another question I get asked a lot are about staff pictures.  The pictures we have come from LifeTouch.  Each building secretary is responsible for loading or updating pictures for staff.  This is actually done in Infinite Campus.  But, once it is done there, it will update your staff page, too.  So, if you would like your picture updated, please visit with your building secretary.

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